Re-manufacturing and Service Exchange of Engine Coolng Pumps

We provide re-manufacturing and service exchange of engine cooling pumps from Gilkes, Jabsco and Sherwood.

Gilkes pumps have been going for years.They represent the finest manufacturing quality for engineers seeking a faultless cooling mechanism built for the foreseeable future. As time goes on and technology improves, they get even better.Routine maintenance is minimal being limited solely to periodic greasing. When maintenance is eventually required, the design is such that , hydraulic components can be removed without disturbing the drive or pipeline systems. AVM Diesel is focused on the repair, re-manufacture and sale of Gilkes engine cooling pumps.We provide parts and services for the repair of Gilkes engine cooling pumps for engine repairers and vessel operators. We also served distributors and dealers of diesel engine manufacturers.We also have a ‘Service Exchange Program’ for exchange of old pump. This program allowed for the immediate shipment of a re-manufactured pump or new pump in exchange for your old pump.

The re-manufacture process

Because of our desire to excel in engineering,quality and customer satisfaction, we strive to support our products through their entire life cycle. At our facilities we examine core pumps against agreed core acceptance criteria and carryout parts failure analysis. Bi-annual reviews of our failure analysis reports allow us to improve the quality and design of our products constantly.The program operates with core pumps being returned to us,evaluated against agreed core acceptance criteria and a core credit issued. All pumps are evaluated for possible re-manufacture or scrapping. With the possible exception of the impeller, the hydraulic pump components are normally re-manufactured using only the highest quality parts. Consumable components such as bearings,mechanical seal, oil seals, ‘o’ rings and gaskets etc are always replaced with new.The process of re-manufacture includes pump dismantling, de-greasing, paint stripping, sand blasting, polishing,reassembly, applying rust inhibitors and pressure testing.

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