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Clean Drive

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Bauer Gear Motor Modular Hygienic CleanDrive™ solutions with optimum cleanability, completely smooth surfaces and extremely high efficiency increase your productivity and optimize your processes. Total solution for the food and beverage industry

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Bauer's hygienic drives are designed as a harmonized series, which means you can modularly combine gears of different types and sizes with motors of different types and sizes. The modular series also includes brakes and encod­er options for your gear motor tailored to your requirements. Standardized stainless steel hollow shafts in various diameters are available as standard in some gear types and sizes. All gear motor combinations feature IP66 or IP67 ingress protection, depending on the selected connection type. The unique design reduces the risk factors in your HACCP concept.

Your hygiene-sensitive application sets moderate requirements for drive technol­ogy design and function. That is why we offer you a gear motor specifically designed for hygienically demanding areas which precisely matches these requirements.